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You Need More Customers Now to
Sustain and Grow Your Business!
FACT: To be Profitable You Need More Customers
Whether you have a traditional "Brick and Mortar" business, you run a Home Based business, you market online, you sell physical products, digital products, services or all of the above, you need more (and new) customers to get and stay profitable.
FACT: You Are Part of the Internet Paradox
You may not be aware of it but there is an internet paradox happening right now and you and your business is part of it. Here's the dilemma:
    If your business is Less Than 5 Years Old you absolutely need a well-rounded internet marketing strategy to compete and stay a float with established businesses.
    If your business is Greater Than 5 Years Old you absolutely need a well-rounded internet marketing strategy because better internet positioned smaller business will steal your loyal customers away.
A Complete Internet Marketing Strategy is the Answer!
In 2001 when I published my very first website, it used to be all you needed was good copy (a good marketing message) explaining who you are and the benefits your business had to offer.
Well, The Rules Have Clearly Changed!
Today there is fierce competition for internet space and every business in your market is vying for the attention of your customers.
On the flip side, customers are being more selective on who they look to do business with. Everyone likes to support local businesses, but if you can't be found on the web, or your business doesn't have a big enough internet presence, the party is over!
The days of having a simple marketing strategy are GONE! Sure, you can get by for a while longer kidding yourself that your customers will maintain their loyalty. But, sooner or later they will start looking to learn more about you online - and if they can't find you, they will certainly find your competition.
The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide
This guide will reveal to you everything you need to make your business known on the internet, find new customers and sustain and grow your business in the years to come.
Inside You'll:
    Learn the 3 Fundamentals Every Internet Marketing Strategy Must Have!
    Discover How to Develop a Pro-active Internet Marketing Strategy
    See the "Big Picture" and How You Can Increase Your Revenue
    Learn the Most Effective Options Available for Marketing Your Business Online
    Discover the Internet Marketing Difference
    Get the Details Behind a "Masterful Marketing Message"
    Find Out What Keywords are and How to Use them to Your Greatest Advantage
    Discover the 3 Best Ways to Have People Recommend Your Business
    Be Given a "Working Plan" for Increasing Your Internet Presence
    And, Much, Much More!
Discover First-Hand What it Takes to Make Your Business Known,
Increase Your Revenue and Become More Profitable!
The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide is a Great
First Step for the Small Business Owner!
"The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide is a great first step for the small business owner when they are contemplating what to do with their Internet Marketing Strategy. It's comprehensive and provides a strong overview with just enough strategy to guide and not overwhelm."
Francis McGovern
Whether You Are New to Internet Marketing or Have Years of Experience,
This Guide has Information that Will Help You!
"Think of The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide as one big marketing action item. You can put this guide's information to use right away with very little effort and with the assistance of many good resources. The language in this guide is easy to understand. There aren't any "expensive words" that will confuse you or lose your focus when you are reading this guide."
"Whether you are new to internet marketing or have years of experience, this guide has information that will help you in your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly internet marketing strategies. Your internet marketing goals will benefit from the knowledge that you gain from within."
Michael Merline
Website Solutions
Just What the Doctor Ordered!
"If the mere notion of Internet Marketing makes you squirm, you are not alone. There is not only a lot of information out there but it changes constantly. What you need is a comprehensive guide to get you on your way. The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide is just what the doctor ordered. Ed McDonough takes a complex myriad of elements, breaks them down and helps you to determine what you need to succeed and how to begin. Don't worry if you are not a techno-geek; Ed speaks a language that we can all understand. In this guide you will: 1) gain an appreciation for the importance of Internet Marketing in building and maintaining a successful business, 2) learn to recognize the vital components of a sound strategy, 3) create the foundation to develop a sound Internet Marketing plan and 4) take important steps to ensure that your business is found and respected by the fastest growing audience - the Internet crowd."
Ed Drozda
Business Doctor
E & D Associates
This Guide Saves Time and Money!
"Oh, how I wish I had The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide as a reference tool when I first delved into internet marketing! As a seasoned IT professional, and Social media expert Ed McDonough has put together a comprehensive guide on making Internet Marketing work for you."
"Ed has a unique understanding of the technical, social, and human principles that make Internet Marketing successful. This guide saves time and money! Whether you are just starting out, or have years of experience in marketing, hiring a consultant, or doing it yourself; this guide will give you a jump-start on today's marketing tools."
JoAnn Lefebvre
Founder and CEO
Shift 2 Inbound Marketing
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